Shir Ami School

Our multi-age school program provides a fun environment where our children learn about Jewish practices, culture, holidays and experience the joy of living Jewishly. We encourage parent participation in our school and family members often join us for holiday celebrations.  Many of our children continue on beyond Bar or Bat Mitzvah through confirmation and become teaching assistants and teachers in our school.

The education of our children is central to our mission as a community and is supported by all of our members.  Families pay only a modest supply fee per child after the introductory membership period.

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School Notes

Our Purim Carnival was a little bit special because the kids had a bounce house to jump in. They also enjoyed the traditional games of bowling and archery. We were able to put together many bags for people going back to work. Thank you to all who contributed to the mitzvah project.

On March 18, we had a guest come and teach a class to all the students. Gerry Tenney from from KlezCalifornia brought his mandolin and taught kids some Yiddish songs. There was a lot of laughter with his playfulness. At one point he told the students that there was a picture of traditional dancers. After unsuccessfully guessing where it was located, he finally led them to go look at it. It was cute to see this long silent line following him to find the exact location. When they returned, they danced to music.

Sunday School will take place in San Francisco on April 15th. All families are encouraged to go. Due to a grant, admission is free for everyone. We will meet at Contemporary Jewish Museum at 10:00. We will tour the contraptions exhibit and the Rube Goldberg exhibit.

On April 22, we will have our final parent meeting. Please come to talk about school. We would like your input and to plan for next year.

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