Shir Ami School

Our multi-age school program provides a fun environment where our children learn about Jewish practices, culture, holidays and experience the joy of living Jewishly. We encourage parent participation in our school and family members often join us for holiday celebrations.  Many of our children continue on beyond Bar or Bat Mitzvah through confirmation and become teaching assistants and teachers in our school.

The education of our children is central to our mission as a community and is supported by all of our members.  Families pay only a modest supply fee per child after the introductory membership period.

Shir Ami School During Covid  
After a year of Zoom-only learning, we are thrilled to hold school in person at Shir Ami again!  We believe there is no substitute for in-person learning, and we’ve worked hard to create a safe environment:

  • All teachers are fully vaccinated
  • All teachers and students are masked
  • All classes are taught outside
  • We practice social distancing
  • Sanitizer is available
  • Students are allowed to use the indoor bathroom, but only one at a time
  • All surfaces are thoroughly cleaned
  • Should weather, updated Covid requirements, or anything else force us to change plans, we will notify parents as soon as possible.

It’s wonderful being together again! For questions regarding our COVID-19 Policies, please contact



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