Yom Shlishi, 27 Tishri 5778

Our multi-age school program provides a fun environment where our children learn about Jewish practices, culture, holidays and experience the joy of living Jewishly. We encourage parent participation in our school and family members often join us for holiday celebrations.  Many of our children continue on beyond Bar or Bat Mitzvah through confirmation and become teaching assistants and teachers in our school.

The education of our children is central to our mission as a community and is supported by all of our members.  Families pay only a modest supply fee per child after the introductory membership period.

Tot Talk is a free, monthy program open to all children under 5 and their families. It’s not necessary, but it is always very helpful if you can RSVP your plans for attending Tot Talk. We, of course, always understand that with little ones, plans do change. We welcome interfaith families!

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School Notes

September brought a nice start to our new school year. We have 24 young congregants participating in our school. It's wonderful to see a confirmation class on Sunday, taught by Diana. James is a TA with Jeremy for Hebrew. Gaby is a TA with Jan for the upper grade students. Sean is a TA with Sarah and Helene for the youngest students. We have an exciting new cohort of four year olds. There are four of them! On the second day of school a group of 13 people joined us for Tot Talk.

This year's theme is the Jewish calendar. Students focus on the topic in their 45 minute class. After oneg ,they go to their chosen chug (elective). The chuggim for the next four Sundays are drama, art and quilting.  

Julia Goldin and Rachel Sklar hosted a lovely get together for families and teachers. The children loved playing together, adults liked socializing and of course there was eating. Having Havdalah together was very beautiful. Thank you Julia and Rachel.